Tuesday, April 29, 2014

At the intersection of Authors and Readers is...Promo!

Change back from your dollar!
I've only been to two reader events this month and I already have tote bags full of books and swag. Promotional items are a very effective way for authors to get the word out about their latest release and for new authors to introduce them themselves to readers. Among the bookmarks, candy and pens (my personal favorites), there are some clever and very useful pieces. Tracy March handed out cards with a dollar bill attached. Her ebook A Shot of Red is a romantic suspense thriller available at ebook retailers for .99 until May 4th. March writes Romantic Thillers and Contemporary Romance for Entangled Publishing, visit her website www.tracymarch.com for complete title list.

Text size for readers of a "certain age"
There is always an abundance of buttons floating around reader conventions. I find myself saying "where did you get that button from" several times, but even more, squinting at the button text. So when I saw this button, (from far away), I grabbed it. Not only does it capture my true nature when in comes to books, I did not have to break out my readers to see it.  Thank you Shawntelle Madison! Madison is a Urban Fantasy author, visit her website Shawntelle Madison for her available titles.

I have to admit, I was a little afraid to open this...Hey, authors have strange imaginations! Not to worry, it turns out that this is a tiger egg. Inside it contains candy and a tiger charm, to promote "Caging a Bengal Tiger by Trinity Blacio. I was not familiar with this author so I took at quick trip to her website Trinity Blacio. The site contains her book list and also a couple of free reads so you can get an intro to her writing.

Cell Phone Holder from JadeLeeAuthor.com
This little guy is a cell phone holder provided by Jade Lee aka Kathy Lyons. This is a family friendly pic of Mr. Holder. According to Jade he has been posed in some very compromising positions...Hey, readers have strange imaginations too!
"What the Groom Wants", Bridal Favors Book #4, is Jade's latest release. If you like sexy historical romance, you should not miss this series. Visit Jade Lee for the entire series list and if you hurry, there is still a free download link to The Groom's Gamble available.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Barbara Vey Readers and Authors 2014

Author Debbie Macomber
I attended my second Reader Appreciation Luncheon, 60 authors and 500 readers, the place was packed. Some highlights: The keynote speaker was legendary author Debbie Macomber, she gave a humours talk about some of her experiences with reader feedback and questions. She was signing her latest release Blossom Street Brides.

Getting my favorite DM book signed.

  I sat with the very talented Inspirational Suspense writer Debby Giusti. She gave us a spring theme planter filled with colorful items. We also received a copy of The Agent's Secret Past the latest book in her Military Investigations series. Debby is a warm and welcoming host. There were eight of us at the table and 6 were mother and her 5 daughters.

First time novelist Jason Mott was on hand signing copies of The Returned.
Jason Mott's "The Returned" is the basis for the ABC television series Resurrection.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What a line up!

Megan Hart, Beth Kery, Lauren Dane, Lorelie Brown at RWA Chicago North Spring Fling 2014
I attended the RWA North Spring Fling in Hoffman Estates, Il this weekend. They had a special tea for librarians and bloggers. Author Beth Kery gave a special tribute to her childhood librarian and thanked librarians today for their efforts to connect readers with books. I'm standing at table looking around, when up walks Megan Hart. Of course I get amnesia, I can't remember any of her book titles, I don't have anything interesting to say, I just stand thinking OMG, that's Megan Hart...then Lauren Dane comes to the table, fortunately the other ladies at the table started talking and we all had a nice conversation about favorite books etc.
Lauren  Dane, Me, Lorelie Brown
We were also joined by Lorelie Brown who showed me an ARC of Riding the Wave, the first book in her Pacific Blue series due out in July. Lauren Dane gave us a sneak peek of the cover for her 2nd Hurley Boys book Broken Open, due out in November, which gives me time to read the first book. Later, Courtney Milan came by with bookmarks featuring her beautiful book covers, she is a interesting lady with a sharp sense of humor, if you get a chance to meet her, ask her about her author survival instructions for Goodreads.  Finally, B.A. Binns, YA author and speaker, chatted with me about African - American male characters, or perceived lack thereof in books today.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Meeting an icon

I'm looking back at the wonderful author encounters I had last year. Again I was at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon, and I sat with Contemporary Romance author Leanne Banks. Leanne Banks has written dozens of romance books during her career. When I first started working at the library, I can across a book titled "Footloose", I read it, loved it and because I didn't have any other romance books, read it again. I tracked down the author's back list and became a fan of Leanne Banks.

Author Leanne Banks and Me at Reader Appreciation Luncheon

You wonder how authors will be in person, but Leanne's warmth and sense of humor was just like it comes across in her books. We had a fun time at our table with the other ladies that attended. She gave us some nice swag also.
I liked the Vera Bradley wallet so much, I tracked down the matching purse my local outlet store. If you want to find out more about Leanne Banks writing visit her website at LeanneBanks.com

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Looking back before I spring forward!

2014 Convention season has started for Romance readers and writers...just wanted to take a look back at some of the highlights from last year. First, I won a bag full of goodies from author Debby Giusti.

Hi Debby,

Debby Giusti and Lynne Wall at Barbara Vey's Luncheon
I’m the tote bag full of items Lynne won last year. Just wanted to let you know how I've been since we parted at Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon, in Milwaukee last April. After Lynne brought me home and tore into my contents, I continued my travels. I attended a workshop on Book Discussion Groups at University of Wisconsin, a Mother's Day Celebration in Memphis Tennessee; had a grand time in Kansas City at the RT Convention. I waved at authors and made new reader friends in Ohio at RAGT. My contents were so generous that it was too much for one person. I have provided prizes for Seniors playing Library Bingo; my note cards have brought praise and appreciation to friends and loved ones. The books inside me have been read and shared. Hot cups of tea have been enjoyed wrapped in my cozy throw. I'll be at the luncheon again this weekend so I'll stop by your table and say hello!

Barbara Vey's 2014 Reader Appreciation Luncheon is this Saturday.   Many wonderful authors will be on hand this weekend, Julie Ann Walker, Tracey Devlyn, Adrienne Giordano, Jason Mott and many others.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TBR Challenge October: The Chase by Adrienne Giordano

My October pick for Wendy's TBR Challenge . This book is on my TBR pile because it was given to me by a local author Adrienne Giordano. She is relatively new to the romance world but quickly making a name for herself in Romantic Suspense. The Chase is a novella in the Justifiable Cause series. Attorney Jo Pomeroy is on the trail of smugglers of designer bag knock-offs in New York. Gabe Townsend is the police sergeant assigned to the case. Jo is working for a high end designer label that wants to put and end to the counterfeit business. But as Gabe tells her, this is an impossible task. Jo is headstrong and puts herself in danger with her aggressive tactics. Gabe is attracted to her and has to juggle his feelings and also keep his eye on the case at hand. What I like about Giordano's writing is the crisp, witty dialogue also, the way she balances the seriousness of the crime and danger with humorous exchanges. This book is a quick, clever introduction to Giordano's work.

My grade for smart, tenacious heroines, the cops who love them, the mention of  designer handbags and chasing deals to good to be true A.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September TBR Challenge: Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr

This month's Wendy's TBR Challenge is to read a western. Well...this book is a western, at least it takes place in the west, the west coast. This is another book from the Virgin River series by Robyn
Carr. I read through the first 6 or 7 books almost back to back, when I discovered the series a few years ago, but began reading them less frequently after that. I have had Promise Canyon on the TBR pile for quite awhile.

This segment features Clay Tahoma and Lilly Yazhi, both Native Americans with a love of horses. They live in and around the town of Virgin River, California. Clay is veterinary assistant and Lilly works, among other places at her Grandfather's feed business. We are able to view how Clay has embraced his heritage and how has rejected Lilly rejected hers. Clay is a man who has terrible taste in women. Lilly remains emotionally and socially stunted because of a disastrous teenage relationship. They both have a preternatural way with horses. They are immediately attracted to each other. Clay immediately pursues her and Lilly immediately runs away.

In the meantime, we are treated to looks into the lives of the other established residents of Virgin River. The town is facing a sorrowful time when one of their beloved residents dies. Leaving the town sizable trust, she has appointed Jack to be the trustee of the funds. Who is Jack? Well that's one of the slight problems with this book. If you have not read the previous books, you can become overwhelmed with the endless parade of characters throughout this story. Carr also introduces new characters who are obviously being placed for upcoming segments of the series.

Just as you warm up to Clay and Lilly and begin to care about their relationship, the storyline switches to someone else in the town. Granted, I enjoy visiting with the established characters, but their story lines got almost an equal amount of time as the main characters. I did have the chance to learn more about farriers and dressage. The conversations between Clay and Lilly about their Native American upbringing, I found interesting.

Facing past mistakes was the key issue with this couple. Clay had to overcome his past in the flesh and Lilly had to banish her past to the past.

As with all of my trips to Virgin River I enjoyed this one. All the visiting with old friends distracted from the main couple and could be confusing to those making their first visit.

My grade for a couple you care about, a town that never gets old, and glimpses of modern Native American family life B+.